Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Wedding Photographer

One crucial decision to make when planning a wedding is choosing a photographer. After all, your photographer is the one to capture the beautiful moments of your wedding. The role helps you preserve the memories of your day in pictures. It is essential to find an appropriate photographer, and interviewing potential candidates will help you.

Basic Questions

Is Our Wedding Date Available?

The very first question to ask is their availability on your wedding date. Some photographers have wedding bookings months ahead. If a photographer isn’t available on your wedding day, there’ll be no need to continue the interview.

Will You Be the One Shooting My Wedding?

Some photographers work with large teams, and the person you speak with may not be the one who’ll shoot your wedding. Find out who’ll be handling your shoot. If it’s another member of his team, you’ll want to include him in the interview process from this point on.

How Long Have You Been Photographing Weddings?

Photography is a skill, and some photographers specialize in shooting weddings. By asking how long a photographer has been in business, you’ll know their experience. If they’ve been shooting weddings for a long time, they’ll know what to do for your wedding.

Have You Ever Been to Our Venue?

If the photographer hasn’t taken pictures at your venue before, they need to visit days ahead, since many of the photographs need planning. Seeing the place will give him an understanding of the lightning and other factors that may affect the work.

Which Information Do You Need from Us?

Your photographer needs to know the exact time you need them to show up, where exactly they need to be, the order of events, and moments they ought to capture. If there’s any other information regarding the wedding, tell them.

Photography Style

How Will You Describe Your Style?

There are different wedding photography styles that each photographer adopts. Ask the photographer to describe his style and show you a photograph that best depicts it.

Can I See Your Previous Work?

Going through a photographer’s album will give you a feel of their style. Find out which of the pictures in the collection they took and which are team members’ work. It will also show you how consistent they are in style and quality and what moments they capture.

What Kind of Equipment Do You Use?

Some photographers work with film, and others work with digital photography equipment. The type of camera your photographer uses can determine the quality of the picture.

Can I Get Some References?

Any good photographer will be happy to get you across to past clients. Getting references will give you a review of the photographer from a client’s perspective.

Packages and Pricing

What’s Included in Your Packages?

Find out what a basic package contains and what a premium package contains. Some photographers have packages that cover engagement sessions and albums. Knowing these details will help you avoid paying extra for what you thought was part of the package. You can also find out if each package is customizable in case there are specific things you want.

How Many Hours Does the Package Cover?

Find out more about their time coverage to know if it’ll be enough to cover your wedding. Some photographers don’t like to exceed their time. Ask also if there’s an overtime policy and how much for extra hours.

Is Post-production Part of the Package?

The number of edits per photo may add to the package. Does the photographer charge for it separately, or is it a part of the arrangement? If they charge additional fees for post-production, ensure you agree on a price ahead.

Do I Have to Pay for Travel Costs?

Some photographers have areas outside which a client will need to pay for travel costs. If they need to arrive a day ahead, find out if you’ll be paying for their accommodation costs too.

Will You Bring in Assistants? Will I Pay for The Costs?

There are moments one photographer may not be able to capture alone, such as pictures of the bride walking down the aisle and the tears that fall from the groom’s eyes when he sees her for the first time. If your photographer has to bring in assistants, find out if it’ll cost additional fees.

What Is the Total Fee? What Are Your Payment Terms?

Know if the total fee falls within your budget. You’ll also need to see the payment terms regarding deposits, subsequent installments, and final payment.

When Do I Get the Finished Product?

Know the approximate time you’ll get the finished images. Depending on the nature of edits, a photographer can take up to 8 weeks to deliver the final images.


Will I Receive a Contract?

If they don’t give contracts as part of the service, request for one. The contract should contain all the details of the service they’re providing to protect you both from any issues that’ll arise later.