When Should You Book Your Wedding Photographer

Are you planning your wedding?

If yes, you need the best photographer in town to capture your best moments.

Wedding photography is an integral aspect of your event, hence the need to plan early to avoid disappointment.

First, create a priority list of your wedding activities and events.

Talk with your partner to discuss what matters most for your wedding day. With that in mind, allocate more funds to what appears at the top of your priority list. Otherwise, you may strain your wedding budget.

Today, more emphasis is put on a wedding’s visual aspects due to the rise of social media. Although you want your wedding photos to be stunning and social media worthy, don’t forget what the event is all about: marriage.

With technology changing all the time, photos stored in USBs may not be viewable in the future.


Who knows what the future holds?

However, your wedding photo album may still be viewable in the next two decades in case printed photos become rare and precious then.

Book your wedding photographer as early as possible once you’ve chosen a particular style of photography and prioritized high-quality wedding photography.

Before booking your photographer

Find the best local photographers to help you pick one for your event. Do the following to choose your photography provider:

  • Research to find the best photography company
  • Plan for a face-to-face meeting
  • Find out how many photos are included in a package
  • Book a photoshoot for your engagement – a great way to ascertain the quality of photography
  • Ask for a sneak peek into the photography preparation and planning for your big day
  • Is each minute captured?
  • Create a plan B in case your photographer fails
  • Does the photographer have a backup plan in case something breaks down or fails?
  • Create a wet weather plan and be flexible

The booking season

It’s important to know the right time to book your wedding photographer. When should you get in touch? And, is there a specific time of the year to book your photographer?

Some couples begin booking for photography as early as two years with popular dates being filled as early as 12 to 18 months in advance. Saturdays in summer make up popular dates.

The booking season in the industry is when suppliers and photographers receive the highest number of inquiries from clients planning weddings. The season starts just prior to Christmas each year.

Most engagements occur from December to February every year. Marriage proposals at Christmas, New Year and Valentine’s Day are inevitable and lovely.

This explains the multitude of inquiries wedding vendors receive at this period of the year. The inquiries increase tenfold.

Two weeks after Christmas to mid-January are the busiest times throughout the year. Most dates in the New Year are filled at this time. Wedding photographers also receive bookings for weddings scheduled for the next year.

Prepare wedding details before booking your photographer

Choose your wedding venue, prepare the guest list, select your preferred color scheme or theme, and wedding day timeline before booking your event photographer.

Doing so will help your photographer:

  • Know who you want to take photos with, including friends and family
  • Look up the wedding venue for the best locations to capture perfect photos of you, your spouse and loved ones
  • Prepare well to take photos of your special moments, especially if you intend to do both traditional and church weddings.

Book your photographer before the booking season

The best time to book your wedding photographer is just before the boom in Christmas and New Year engagements.

December is an expensive time of the year for many people. Therefore, most couples wait until after Christmas to book a photographer or find wedding suppliers.

This often leads to disappointments because many couples share the same opinion. You risk losing the chance to book your preferred wedding vendor because they’re all booked.

Early to mid-December is the best time to book your wedding photographer if you find yourself searching for suppliers during the festive season. During this time, people are focused on Christmas, making it a quiet time for inquiries throughout the year.

Competition for dates is low; it’s an advantage to book your wedding photographer at this time, especially if you’ve planned your wedding for the forthcoming year. However, if you’re booking a vendor for the next year, you get enough time to work on other aspects of the wedding.

Popular summer wedding dates begin to fill up in December, making it sensible to confirm your dates with wedding suppliers from as early as 12 to 18 months in advance.

Make a deposit or confirm your date before Christmas or in the New Year to secure your wedding suppliers.


Whether you’ve already set your wedding date in a few weeks, months, or years, you need the right photography company to capture your special moments. It’s important to choose the right photography provider and book your wedding photographer on time