Photographing Adventurous, Authentic, and Light-hearted Couples in Love

We are a wedding photography team, fluent in the art of telling visual stories. We are passionate about photographing adventurous, authentic, and light-hearted couples who are madly in love with each other. We don’t just take beautiful photos; we capture real and intimate moments to which you can relate.

We have been capturing weddings for ten years now, and we love it. We believe there’s nothing else we’d rather do. Our fluency in telling love stories brings joy to everyone we capture. It’s why our clients trust us.

We don’t take still and stiff looking pictures. Our style is very relaxed, focusing on the moment. We create a connection with you so that you can have the best experience. Our images depict the candid, raw, and unique moments of your wedding. We focus on both the tiny and extraordinary moments, without leaving out any detail.

We’ll love to go on an adventure with you if you don’t care about getting the wind in your hair. If you want to sneak out of your reception to take the “unofficial photos,” we’ll be there. We can go with you if you’re going to flee to the mountains. Being adventurous is our thing too.

We’ll carefully document your experience in real-time, such that when you go through your pictures years later, you’ll feel every emotion that you felt on your wedding day. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Our Approach



We Like to Meet You


Our first approach is to meet you to get to know you. We also give you a chance to ask all the questions you may have. The friendship we create with you makes you comfortable. We believe when you’re comfortable with us, we’ll photograph you better. You’ll be immersed entirely at the moment and forget about the cameras in the background.

No Awkward Poses



We won’t place you in a stiff-like and awkward pose. As well as getting to know you, we want to know your love story also. We can then capture you the way you feel because those are the real and authentic moments. We also want you to have something honest that you can remember for a long time.

What We Capture


We capture the intimate and raw moments of your day. Our cameras will reflect the love in the air and the light in your eyes. We look out for that tiny magical moments no one else might see. Each time you go through your wedding photos, you’ll fall in love with each other over again.

Your family and friends are not left out either. You might not see the teardrop in your bridesmaids when you say your vows or the moment of glee in your grandma’s eyes when the minister pronounces you a couple; not until we deliver your photos.

We Welcome Your Ideas


As professionals, we know what to do, but we like to include what you want. It’s your wedding picture, after all, and you might have ideas of location or poses that you want. We’ll blend our expertise and your ideas to give you the perfect mix.

What We Offer



Customizable Packages


We have different packages from which you can choose. Each comes with specific photos that you can get. If any of our packages don’t suit your requirements, you can contact us to customize your particular need.

Engagement Sessions


Coupled with weddings, we shoot engagement sessions too. You can book for your engagement shootings separately or as part of your wedding package.

Destination Weddings


We live in Chicago, but we are available to travel with you anywhere. Let us know the date and location ahead, and we’ll be there with you.